Necia Ornée

Founder, Lead Instructor, Lead Encourager
Necia Ornée
Bootcamp/HIIT,Cardio,Full Body,Fusion,Yoga
Founder, Instructor, Lead Encourager
Necia is the Founder and Lead Encourager of Pop-Up Fitness. She started Pop-Up Fitness to create an encouraging community that embraces an active lifestyle while enjoying the Michigan Summer. After teaching group fitness classes at gyms for several years she decided that Michigan Summers are too short and too awesome to spend indoors. As a mom, she also wanted to create an outdoor fitness opportunity in which parents feel welcome to work out with kids in tow. Necia is a certified IIN Health Coach, and when she's not leading Pop-Up classes she enjoys meeting with clients one on one, through group coaching, and leading food workshops.
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Awesomeness 100%
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